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Smart Schools Investment Plan

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Technology in the North Babylon School District

In the past several years the North Babylon School District has migrated to a Thin Client environment.  The hardware cost is less than the cost of personal computers and they are centrally managed.  

Web definitions for Thin Client

A network computer without a hard disk drive, which, in client/server applications, is designed to be especially small so that the bulk of the data processing occurs on the server.

What is server-based computing?

At the heart of the thin-client network is server-based computing: all software is loaded and processed on secure, central servers. Server-based computing is different from server-based information. With server-based information, you have data on servers that users access and pull down over the network to their desktop for processing. Applications work only as fast as the end user device. With server-based computing, applications and processing occurs on the server rather than the desktop. This means that only mouse clicks, keyboard strokes, and images travel the network to the desktop. Server-based computing maximizes server power, minimizes desktop requirements, and requires less network bandwidth. North Babylon's system will be customized for educational settings to make the most of sharing, profiles, shadowing, printing and other server-based computing features.

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